Westside Kirkyard



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1 In memory of Janet Mainland who died 1851 aged 16 years. William Mainland died 1851 aged 21 years.  Jane Sinclair mother of the above died Jan 1852 aged 55 years.  William Mainland her beloved husband died Dec 1870 aged 75 years.
2 In loving memory of Mary Reid wife of John Mainland who died 25 Nov 1890 aged 55 years.  Also the above John Mainland who died 2 Nov 1911 aged 75.  Erected by their children
3 In memory of Mary Robertson  (See) born 7th Oct 1827 died 28 Jan 1878.  Also William Robertson who died at Hunclett, Rousay 19 Mar 1906 aged 69 years
4 In memory of Jane Walker Marwick wife of James Robertson who died at Hunclett 27 Mar 1909 aged 65 years
5 In memory of Jannet Craigie who died 4 Aug 1855 aged 59 years and her husband James Robertson who died 21 Oct 1873 aged 75 years
6 In memory of George Marwick Reid who died 30 Mar 1900 aged 92 years.  And his wife Janet Harcus who died 1 Mar 1894 aged 92 years.  Also their eldest son William who died 1843 aged 10 years.  Erected by their daughter Lydia
7 Erected by John Craigie in memory of his mother Marion Louttit or Craigie who departed this life 1 Sep 1890 aged 91 years.  Also her daughter Lydia Gibson died 28 May 28 1873 aged 49 years.  Margaret died 24 Jun 1899 aged 70 years
8 Here lies the body of Mary Sinclair the beloved wife of John Harcus who died 25 Mar 1834 aged 24 years
9 Erected to the memory of James Sinclair of Newhouse who was drowned 11 Oct 1893 while crossing Eynhallow Sound with the mailboat, aged 75 years.  Also his wife Mary Craigie who died 7 Dec 1895 aged 75 years. (Four tablets are included of which two are blank, one bears the initials JS, and one the initials MC)
10 Erected to the memory of James Gibson, Curquoy, born 24 Mar 1798 died 7 Jan 1875.  A faithful and beloved disciple of Jesus.  Also of his wife Mary Marwick born 24 Jun 1794 died 22 Aug 1872.  They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in death were not divided
11 Erected by James Gibson, Curquoy, to the memory of his beloved daughter Anne Jemima Marwick Gibson (See) born 2 Nov 1835 and departed this life 11 Aug 1851.  My race is run, my grave you see: Therefore prepare to follow me: A sinner saved by grace, to the spirit home above: When every sound of sin and strife: Is quenched in songs of love
12 Erected by Mary and Barbara Smith in memory of their father James Smith who died Nov 1825 aged 46 years and his wife Ellen Yorston who died 1 Jul 1862 aged 76 years
13 Here lies the body of James Sinclair husband of Mey Hourston who was drowned on the reef of Skebray 20 Dec 1825 aged 41 years
14 In memoriam James Gibson, Curquoy died 27 Jan 1900 aged 75 years.  Mary Gibson, his wife, died 25 May 1888 aged 57 years.  James Gibson VS their son died in Jersey 11 Jun 1889 aged 33 years
15 In memory of Cicilia Gibson wife of John Logie who departed this life 27 May 1874 aged 40 years.  Also their son Alexander who died 7 Mar 1862 aged 4 years.  "Weep not for me my children dear: I am not dead but sleeping here." Also the above John Logie who died 17 Feb 1917 aged 91 years. Lizzie Logie died 18 Mar 1918 aged 35 years. Alexander Logie who died 8 Aug ---- aged 15 years. Hugh Logie who died 1 Apr 1890 aged 8 years. James Logie who died 4 Aug 1894 aged 20 years
16 Erected by John and Mary Logie in memory of their child Maggie Ann (See) who died 24 Aug 1882 aged 5 years and 9 months.
17 (Plain horizontal slab - no inscription)
18 (Plain horizontal slab - no inscription)
19 (Plain horizontal slab - no inscription)
20 (Plain horizontal slab - no inscription)
21 (Plain horizontal slab - no inscription)
22 Erected by James Gibson, Curquoy to the memory of his brother-in-law The late Capt. William Marwick (See) born 21 Aug 1789 died 29 Nov 1864.  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." Prov. vii. "The little life has flocked: Like a (------) dead: But the light of immortality: Is gleaming in his shroud." (Also a horizontal local stone with the date 1766 and a few illegible characters, possibly a re-used headstone)
23 (Horizontal slab with no visible inscription)
24 (Horizontal slab with no visible inscription)
25 (Horizontal slab with no visible inscription)
26 (Horizontal slab with no visible inscription)
27 (Horizontal slab with no visible inscription)
28 Erected by Janet Robertson in memory of her husband Magnus Murray who died 9 Jan 1846 aged 79 years.  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
29 Erected by Mary Corsie in memory of her dearly beloved husband James S Corsie who died 19 Feb 1875 aged 42 years.  "A few short years of evil past:  We reach the happy shore: Where death divided friends at last: Shall meet to part no more." Also the above Mary Corsie who died 22 Dec 1925 aged 71
30 Sacred to the memory of William Corsie who died in Kirkwall 14 Aug 1863 aged 64 years and Janet Louttit his wife who died in Kirkwall 15 Nov 1863 aged 64 years
31 In memory of William Marwick, Corse who died 28 May 1890 aged 59 years.  Also his wife Robina Gibson who died 16 May 1895 aged 61 years
32 In memory of Hugh Craigie (See) who died 15 Mar 1891 aged 27 years
33 John Craigie of Hullion born 10 May 1826 died 27 Apr 1881 aged 54 years and his wife Sarah Sinclair died 24 Feb 1895 aged 68 years
34 Erected in memory of John Craigie of Hullion who died 20 Sep 1878 aged 83 years.  "Soldier of Christ well done: Thy glorious warfare's past: The battle fought, the victory won: And thou art crowned at last"
35 In memory of Margaret Craigie wife of John Craigie, Hullion, who died 30 Apr 1853(?) aged 61 years.  And her daughter Ann who died 31 Jul 1872 aged 44 years
36 (Flat flagstone without inscription)
37 (Flat flagstone without inscription)
38 Erected in the memory of John Mainland  (See)  who was born 26 Nov 1866 and died 24 Apr 1869.
39 In memory of James Marwick (See)  who died 26 Aug 1892 aged 23 years
40 In memory of John Sinclair who died 26 Mar 1845 aged 59 years and his wife Marjory Craigie who died 14 Aug 1858 aged 67 years.
4 In memory of Robert Craigie  (See)  son of John Craigie and Margaret Inkster who departed this life [date illegible, possibly 30 Jan 18-5]. NOTE: He was born in 1835.
42 In loving memory of James Mainland who died 28 Dec 1901 aged 80.  And his wife Margaret Sinclair who died 25 Sep 1912 aged 91 years
43 (Flat stone with no inscription)
44 (Flat stone with no inscription)
45 (Flat stone with no inscription)
46 Erected by Margaret Low in memory of her beloved husband William Phippins Corsie   (See)  who died 23 Mar 1899 aged 42 years
47 In memory of Peter Reid  (See)  who died 5 Jun 1872 aged 24 years.  Also Elizabeth who died in Glasgow 28 Oct 1863 aged 22 years.
48 In memory of Peter Reid who died at Brough 5 Sep 1879 aged 69 years.  Also his wife Mary Reid who died 1 Aug 1893 aged 86 years
49 Erected by James H Louttit in memory of his father John Louttit who died 29 Jan 1893 aged 75 years.  Also his mother Jane Wilson who died at Greenock 25 Oct 1899 aged 77 years
50 "Asleep in Jesus." In loving memory of Lizzie Reid Craigie  (See)  who died 10 Dec 1902 aged 14 years 8 months. "At rest"
51 In memory of Rev Allardice who died 2 May 1882 in the UP Manse, Rousay, in the 40th year of his age.  Deeply lamented by his friends and congregation
52 Erected by their family in loving memory of Alexander Corsie who died 28 Oct 1889 aged 81 years.  And Ann Sinclair his wife who died 29 Jun 1911 aged 94 years
53 Erected by Janet Marwick in memory of her husband Alexander Gibson who died 26 Jul 1873 aged 84 years
54 In memory of William Reid, Wasdale, Rousay, who died 29 May 1915 aged 72 years.  Also his wife Catherine Baikie who died 11 Mar 1925 aged 90 years.
55 . Sacred to the memory of George Learmonth who died at Westness 28 June 1894 aged 90 years
56 In memory of Anne Learmonth the beloved wife of George Learmonth.  Died 14 Mar 1872 aged 63.  Not lost but gone before.
57 Erected by Margaret Mainland in memory of her beloved husband James Harrold who died at Mid Cruesday 17 Jan 1909 aged 89 years.  Also her mother Janet Mainland who died Aug 1882 aged 88 years.  Also the above Margaret Mainland who died at Kirkwall 2 Sep 1923 aged 84
58 Erected by Isabella Johnston in memory of her beloved husband James Johnston who died 29 Jul 1918 aged 78 years.  Also the above Isabella Johnston who died 18 Mar 1925 aged 74 years
59 In memory of William Traill of Woodwick born 31 Jan 1797 died 19 May 1858.  "Father I will that they also whom Thou hast given me be with me where I am."  And Harriet Traill his wife born 19 May 1796 died 2 Mar 1841.  Also of Henrietta Moodie Traill his second wife born 18 Dec 1824 died 27 Jul 1861
60 Erected by Sarah Mainland in memory of her beloved husband John Reid who died by drowning while crossing Eynhallow Sound 11 Oct 1893 aged 56 years.  Also the above Sarah Mainland who died 27 Jul 1922 aged 72 years
61 Erected by an affectionate family in memory of their father Peter Louttit who died 12 Dec 1862 aged 84 years.  Also their mother Jean Craigie who died 27 Feb 1863 aged 73 years
62 In memoriam. Sacred to the memory of the Rev James Gardner  (See)  for 42 years minister of Rousay died 28 Mar 1885 aged 82 years
63 Erected to the memory of Harriet   (See)  the beloved wife of Rev James Gardner minister of Rousay who died 4 Sep 1880 aged 52 years.  Also Mary his daughter who died 25 May 1861 aged 7 years and William Allan Archibald his grandson who died 8 Sep 1876 aged 6 months
64 Erected in memory of Maria Logie  (See)  who died 10 Apr 1890 aged 64 years.  Also her sister Betsy Logie who died 13 Oct 1892 aged 67 years
65 In memoriam.  Harriet Gardner  (See)  beloved wife of William Stevenson died 22 Jun 1886 aged 29 years
66 (Flat unmarked flagstone)
67 Erected by William Low in memory of his beloved wife Jannet Mainland who died 17 Apr 1867 aged 31 years 6 months
68 Erected in memory of Robert Logie, many years shepherd on Westness died Dec 1927 aged 93 years and his wife Mary Murray died 1 Feb 1906 aged 82 years.  Their sons, Robert died Apr 1876 aged 19 years, James died Aug 1884 aged 16 years.  Their daughter Eliza died 12 Jan 1886 aged 21 years.  Mary died Feb 1891 aged 29 years.
69 (Broken tombstone with top half missing)
70 (Flat, plain stone with no inscription)
71 In memory of our dear parents John Mainland who died 9 Dec 1907 aged 89 years and Lydia Mowat his wife who died 29 Jul 1903 aged 74 years.  Also their infant son Duncan John Robertson.
72 In memory of Isabella Corsie beloved wife of John Robertson who died 21 Jan 1906 aged 70 years
73 In memory of John Sinclair   (See)  who died 12 Oct 1897 aged 73 years.
74 Erected by Alexander Reid in memory of his wife Harriet Logie  (See)  who died 26 Nov 1894 aged 28 years.  Also their son Harry who served with the Seaforths 1916-17 and died at Melsetter 14 May 1917 aged 23 years
75 S/12891 Private H. Reid,   (See)  Seaforth Highlanders died 14 May 1917 aged 23.  "Their memory hallowed in the land they loved"
76 Erected by Fanny Johnston in memory of her beloved husband David Johnston  (See)  who died 14 Jan 1909 aged 52 years.  Also the above Fanny Johnston his wife who died 11 Feb 1921 aged 77 years
77 In memory of John Johnston who died 30 Jul 1896 aged 86 years and his wife Elizabeth Reid who died 19 Apr 1897 aged 81 years
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