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Argyle Alick Grieve     Australia     

F. Alick Grieve


M. Olive B Gillies


m. Margaret Alice Burrows   d. 1975



Allen Rodney Grieve

b. 29.10.1945



Barry Grieve

b. 14.7.1947



Allen Rodney Grieve            New South Wales 

F. Argyle A Grieve

b. 1945

M. Margaret A Burrows


m. Margaret Helen Olson



Katherine Marie Grieve

b. 5.11.1982



Janet Kathleen Grieve

b. 30.8.1988



William Grieve          Australia     

F. William Grieve


M. Jean Flett


m. Susannah Bath     1859-1948



Anne May Grieve


m. Ernest A Hoy,  6 children


Adeline Grieve




Colin William Grieve




Ethel Lavinia Grieve




Lilian Winifred Grieve


m. Austin Pettit,  4 children


Robin C Grieve


m. Edith Brazil,  3 children


Thomas John Grieve


m. Maud Saisell,  9 children


Violet Alice Grieve


m. Adam J Burgess


Colin Wm Grieve         Australia     

F. William Grieve


M. Susannah Bath


m. Alexandra McLean     1889-1973



Ian Campbell Grieve

b. 1932



Raymond A Grieve


m. Eileen Burke,  3 children


William John Grieve


m. Gladys Swilkes, 1 child Gwendoline


Ronald Ernest Grieve


m. Mary Hund,  1 child David


Hector Robin Grieve


m. Alma Skiffington,  3 children


Colin Lindsay Grieve

b. 1922

m. Nita McCullough,  1 child Graham


Ian Campbell Grieve           Sydney, NSW

F. Colin W Grieve

b. 1932

M. Alexandra McLean


m. Marie Ann Hamilton     b. 1933



Leanne Grieve

b. 1961

 m. Mark Fairhurst,  2 children


Kym Frances Grieve

b. 1963



David Alexander Mainland   b. 14.5.1868 at Onzibist, Egilsay

F. James Mainland

Went to Canada in 1892.

M. Frances Craigie

Died at Cherrywood, Ontario in 1915


m. Janet Dixon in  1893



Marguerite Isabel Mainland


m. Wm. C Atreed, 1 child James


Gordon Victor Mainland

b. 1887

m. Caroline --------,  2 children


James Dixon Mainland




William Harold Mainland


m. Mary Ena --------,  5 children


Frances Ellizabeth Mainland




Hubert E Mainland




Jean Evelyn Mainland


m. Elwood Kitchen


James Dixon Mainland   1896-1956  Farmer

F. David A Mainland


M. Janet Dixon

m. Susan Hildred Morden   1928



Frances Elizabeth Mainland


m. Fred Podhorn


Shirley Jean Mainland

b. 4.1.1931



Shirley Jean Mainland     b. 1931

F. James D Mainland


M. Susan H Morden

m. George Taylor Fellowes in 1951.  He died in 1987.



Douglas Arthur Fellowes

b. 17.4.1952

d. two days later.


Janice Lynn Fellowes

b. 26.9.1953

m. Norman Conlin, 3 children


Judith Anne Fellowes

b. 7.3.1957

m. William Coverdale, 2 children


Gregory Robert Fellowes

b. 25.1.1959

m. Valdora Fritz


David George Fellowes

b. 8.9.1961

m. Constance Armstrong  (div)


Hugh Mainland     b. 13.12.1878 in Westray

F. Thomas Mainland


M. Mary Costie

m. Maryanne Maxwell in Douglas, Manitoba.



Mary Mainland


m. Walter Dorset


Thomas Mainland

b. 4.7.1914



Hugh Costie Mainland


m. Jean Brophy


Jean Mainland

b. 26.8.1919

m. Howard Pratt


Mabel Mainland

b. Nov 1921

m. Pete Russell


Thomas Mainland     1914-1998

F. Hugh Mainland


M. Maryanne Maxwell

m. Esther Parsons of Saskatoon, Sask.



Dan Mainland

b. 8.4.1942



Ray Mainland

b. 7.3.1945

m. Marilyn Brandt


Arnold Mainland

b. 24.2.1947

m. Carol Doell


Wanda Mainland

b. 19.8.1948



Thomas Gibson     b. 1821 in Rousay

F. Robert Gibson


M. Christian Hourston

m. Mary Ann Cook in London in 1845.  Left for Melbourne in 1855.



Thomas Gibson

b. c1847



Elizabeth Ann Gibson

b. 1859

At Collingwood, Victoria


It is thought this family moved to New Zealand in 1863.  The above information supplied by a descendant, Tom Keating in NZ, by email in 2000.


Elizabeth Ann Gibson     b. 1859 in Australia

F. Thomas Gibson


M. Mary Ann Cook

m. 1) John Hemmen in 1877



Mary Christina Hemmen

b. 16.7.1879

At Lower Shotover, Otago.


m. 2) James Keating 1835-1895  b. in Dublin   d. in Arrowtown, NZ



Thomas Keating

b. 18.7.1881

At Frankton, Wakatipu


William James Keating

b. 1.7.1883

At Lake County, NZ


m. 3) Oliver Johnson in 1896     1850-1906


Thomas Keating     b. 1881

F. James Keating


M. Elizabeth A Gibson

m. Janet Muter Watson Pollock in 1913



William RD Keating

b. 25.7.1914



Ernest RG Keating

b. 20.7.1917

At Gore, Southland


Ernest RG Keating

F. Thomas Keating

1917-1999     Died at Christchurch

M. Janet M W Pollock


m. Alice Henderson     Born at Gore in 1917



Thomas Ernest Keating

b. 25.12.1936

At Gore


Thomas Ernest Keating     b. 1936 at Gore

F. Ernest R G Keating


M. Alice Henderson

m. June Yvette Richards at Christchurch in 1957



Wayne Richard Keating

b. 25.9.1959

m. Phillipa Vinten  (div)


Sarah Mainland Marwick     b. 6.10.1868

F. James Marwick


M. Mary Marwick

m. William Grant in Canada



James Alexander Grant

b. 19.12.1907



James Alexander Grant   Canada  1907-1988  

F. William Grant


M. Sarah M Marwick

m. Helen Urquhart in 1929    1907-1988



J R (Bob) Grant




Dan Mainland     b. 1942 at Biggar, Sask.

F. Thomas Mainland


M. Esther Parsons

m. Corrie Van Hasenbroek in 1978.   No issue.


Dan Mainland lives in BC, Canada.


William Craigie Mainland

F. Hugh Mainland

1845-1941  Born in Egilsay

M. Janet Grieve


m. 1) Hannah Wilson in Canada in 1878



Mabel AJ Mainland

b. 4.2.1879



William John Mainland

b. 15.9.1880



Hugh Craigie Mainland

b. 23.4.1883






m. 2) Ann McLeod I 1888






Robert Alva Mainland

b. 26.10.1889



David Alexander Mainland




James Wilfred Mainland

b. 15.7.1895



Gladys Ann Mainland

Twin of James

Died aged 3 months


Stanley Ross Mainland

b. 19.5.1899





Margaret Mainland     1858-1921

F. Hugh Mainland


M. Janet Grieve

m. James Kidney in Canada



Evelyn Kidney

m. Ira Halpenny

     Issue: Ross, Raymond, Carl


Janet Kidney

m. Rilett Cherry

     Issue: Ila                m. Jim Wilson
               Isobel           m. Wilfred Campbell
               Evelyn          m. Leonard Jackson
               Alva              m. Ilene Norris
  George Kidney m. Ruthena Reid
     Issue:  Wilfred         unmarried
                Hugh           m. Marjory Mainland
                                       daughter of James T Mainland
                Hugh changed his surname from Kidney to Kidnie
                Jack            m. Donna Giles
                Kenneth       m. Bertha McAaughey
                    Norma         m. Jeanne Schiek




Mabel AJ Mainland     1879-1961    

F. William C Mainland


M. Hannah Wilson


m. Henry P Murray in 1903



Henry Mainland Murray

b. 23.1.1905



Agnes Adamson Murray

b. 5.1.1907



William John Murray

b. 29.6.1908

Died 1912


Andrew Neil Murray

b. 14.4.1910



Hugh Alexander Murray

b. 13.11.1913



William John Mainland   1880-1966   Canada

F. William C Mainland


M. Hannah Wilson

m. Annie Edna Workman in 1919



William Leonard Mainland

b. 20.9.1920



James W Mainland

b. 11.8.1923



Ray Wilson Mainland

b. 15.8.1926



Hugh Craigie Mainland   1883-1942   Canada

F. William C Mainland


M. Hannah Wilson

m. Mary Jane Wark in 1912



William Hamilton Mainland

b. 7.7.1914



Robert Alva Mainland   1889-1963  Canada

F. William C Mainland


M. Ann McLeod

m. Hazel Viola Gaulding in 1927



Gladys Ruby Mainland

b. 25.2.1930



William Stanley Mainland

b. 25.11.1932



James Wilfred Mainland  1895-1980  Canada

F. William C Mainland


M. Ann McLeod

m. Sara Belle Dalgarno in 1919



Ross Wilfred Mainland

b. 18.12.1919



Arthur Calder Mainland

b. 26.10.1923

d. age three years


Henry Mainland Murray  1905-1970  Canada

F. Henry P Murray


M. Mabel A J Mainland

m. Luella Jean Barber in 1942



Robert Paul Murray

b. 22.6.1947

m. Marjorie Wartuza in 1977

      2 children, Heather Ann, Allison


Barry Stewart Murray

b. 7.12.1952



Agnes Adamson Murray 1907-1973  Canada

F. Henry P Murray


M. Mabel A J Mainland

m. William Raymond Snow in 1938


Issue Donna Rae Snow b. 26.1.1941 m. Robert Bremner




3 children, Richard Allen, Linda Laurie, Ronald


Andrew Neil Murray    b. 1910   Canada

F. Henry P Murray


M. Mabel A J Mainland

m. Jessie Louise Shaw in 1937



Margaret Ruth Murray

b. 24.12.1940

m. Ronald Beaudin


Doris Evelyn Murray

b. 14.6.1944

m. Ross Vance

      2 children, Alison Louise, Stephen Ross


Donald Frederick Murray

b. 2.8.1946

m. Karen Wilkie in 1968

      4 children, Janice Lynn, Ryan and twin David d.age a few hours, Richard Allen.


Norman Alexander Murray

b. 26.5.1948

m. Barbara Mitchell

      2 children, Christine Laura, Gregory David
  James Wallace Murray b. 25.7.1951 m. Patsy Day




1 child, Rochelle Lynne


Hugh Alexander Murray   b. 1913   Canada

F. Henry P Murray


M. Mabel A J Mainland

m. Hazel Marie Small in 1943



Russell Henry Murray

b. 26.9.1944

m. Elizabeth Jill Stiles

      1 child, Jeffrey Ryan
  Carol Patricia Murray b. 24.12.1948 m. Robert B McCulloch




2 children, Wendy Patricia, Robert David


William Leonard Mainland  b. 1920  Canada

F. William J Mainland


M. Annie E Workman

m. Velma Jean Tomkins in 1946



Marjerie Edna Mainland

b. 18.10.1946

m. Lawrence Owen Walker

      2 children, Tammy Lynn, James Owen


Frederick Mainland

b. 6.6.1948



Larry Douglas Mainland

b. 27.4.1952

m. Ruth Marie Halliday

      2 children, Deborah Lynn, Cora Mae


William Richard Mainland

b. 16.5.1955

m. Alice Louise Anderson

      2 children, William Jeffrey, Michael Joseph


Barbara Joyce Mainland

b. 7.6.1956

m. William Bell Porter

      2 children, William Joseph, Mandy


Marlene Elizabeth Mainland (adpt)

b. 27.10.1960

m. Stanley Sebben

      1 child, Rebecca Jean


Susan Ann Mainland

b. 14.11.1966



James Workman Mainland   b. 1923  Canada

F. William J Mainland


M. Annie E Workman

m. Verna Emeline Jourisi in 1946



Allen James Mainland

b. 15.3.1948

m. Pauline Hutchinson 1971

      2 children, Pamela Ann, David Allen.


Joan Alpha Mainland

b. 28.4.1950

m. James S Green 1974

      3 children, Anna Joan, Adam James, Andrew David


Roger John Mainland

b. 27.10.1953

m. Marian Kathleen Walsh

      3 children, Michael David, Brian James,  Laura Christine


David William Mainland

b. 1.2.1958

Died in 1964


Ray Wilson Mainland   b. 1926  Canada

F. William J Mainland


M. Annie E Workman

m. Daisy Willma Turner in 1946



Mary Elizabeth Mainland

b. 27.6.1947

m.  Gilbert L Dingman  (div)


Peter William Mainland

b. 5.6.1948

Died in 1949


Thomas Ray Mainland

b. 18.2.1951

m. Barbara Woods 1973


Gladys Ruby Mae Mainland 

F. Robert A Mainland

b. 25.2.1930     Canada

M. Hazel V Gaulding


m. Victor L Rushfeldt in 1949






Leighton Victor Rushfeldt

b. 13.8.1949

m. Penny Rae Hilz

      2 children, Matthew Leighton, Theresa Dawn


Brenda Gay Rushfeldt

b. 14.7.1953

m. Alan Adam Mueller

      4 children, Laine Adam, Bradley Wade, Wesley Grant, Janell Gay


Norma Jean Rush Rushfeldt

b. 28.11.1955

m. Murray W McLean

      3 children, Scott Wesley, Marty Ryan, Kelly Marie


Valerie Doreen Rushfeldt

b. 14.2.1960

m. Robert Bruce Holm

      2 children, Jackson Robert, Jennifer Lee


Sharon Viola Rushfeldt

b. 17.9.1963



Willilam Stanley Mainland      b. 1932  Canada

F.Robert A Mainland


M. Hazel V Gaulding

m. Ida Lorraine Buchler in 1953



Sheryle Ann Mainland

b. 21.5.1954



Beverly Jean Mainland

b. 24.6.1955

m. Norman H Mitchell


Katherine Lorraine Mainland

b. 27.9.1956



Robert Stanley Mainland

b. 22.12.1957



Pamela Dawn Mainland

b. 12.12.1961



Tracy Lynn

b. 28.4.1964



Sheryle Mainland m. 1) Glen Mervin Wozny (Div.).  m. 2) Kurt Degethoff in 1971.  Issue Tammy Dawn and Ryan Curtis.  Norman and Beverly Mitchell had 4 children, Sherry Lorraine, Shelly Lynn, Kerrie Pamela and Darlene Dawn.  Katherine Mainland had 4 children, William Thomas, Hope, Mandy Lorraine and Candice Tracey.  Pamela Mainland had one child, Robert Blaine.  Tracey had 2 children, Loisa Michele Mainland and Garret Glen Mitchell.


William Hamilton Mainland  b. 1914   Canada

F. Hugh C Mainland


M. Mary Jane Wark

m. Catherine Elizabeth Duke in 1942



Allan Hugh Mainland

b. 11.9.1944



William Charles Mainland

b. 10.12.1947

m. Heather A Jackson

      2 children, Janet Catherine, William Robert


Donald Duke Mainland

b. 11.12.1951

m. Joyce ---------


Ross Wilfred Mainland  b. 1919   Canada

F. James W Mainland


M. Sara B Dalgarno

m. Doris M R Gimblet in 1944



Jean Elizabeth Mainland

b. 27.3.1945

m. Ralph John Rooney

      3 children, Christopher Ralph, Kimberly Jean, Shane Paul
  Arthur Ross Mainland b. 5.6.1947 m. Catherine Wright




 2 children, Jeffrey Alexander, Christine


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