Rousay 1901 Census 

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Rel = Relationship to Head of Household
Mar = Marital Status
MS = Maiden Surname where known (added by RCM)
Where Born = Rousay, unless otherwise stated




Rel Age Mar



Where Born

Old School Robert Gillespie Head 32 M Shepherd    
  Wilemina  Gillespie Wife 26 M      
  Mary Gillespie Daur 6        
  Robert Gillespie Son 2        
  Mary Sabiston Mother 50 U Former Dressmaker    
Roadside, Westness Frederick Inkster Head 32 M Agri Labourer   Unst
  Isie Inkster Wife 31 M   Craigie  
  Robina Inkster Aunt 88 U      
Roadside, Westness  Robert Inkster (See) Head 21 U Ploughman    
   George Inkster Brother 19 U Ploughman    
  Barbra Smith Grandmother 78 U Housekeeper    
Westness Hugh Inkster Head 63 M Farmer    
  Mary Inkster Wife 50 M   Kirkness  
  Isabella Inkster Daur 23 U     Unst
  Thomas Inkster Son 22 U     Unst
  Mary Inkster Daur 21 U     Unst
  Lily Inkster Daur 18 U     Unst
  Jemima  Inkster Daur 13       Unst
  Jannet Inkster Daur 12       Unst
  David Inkster Son 10       Unst
  Robert Inkster Son 6       Unst
  Thomas Sincllair Servant 24 U Ploughman    
  Andrew H Sinclair Servant 33 U Shepherd   Unst
Gue Hugh Inkster Head 56 M Ret Farmer    
  Georgina  Inkster Wife 52 M   Harcus Westray
  David Inkster Son 12        
Scar James Inkster Head 72 M Navvy    
  Jane Inkster Wife 63 M    Inkster  
  John Inkster Son 30 U Ploughman    
Corse James Craigie Head 45 M Farmer    
  Janet Craigie Wife 41 M   Marwick  
  James Marwick Brother in Law 31 U Brush Maker    
Veira Lodge Paterson Craigie Head 69 M Blacksmith    
  Mary Craigie Wife 63 M   Craigie  
  James E Craigie Son 39 M Unemployed    
  Anne E Craigie Daur 22 U Domestic Work    
  Presley Stevenson Boarder 31 U Artist   Dunfermline
Banks John Robertson Head 54 M Farmer    
  Isabella Robertson Wife 65 M   Corsie  
  Mary A Robertson Daur 27 U      
  Eliz. Robertson Daur 25 U      
  Maggie Robertson Daur 23 U      
  Agnes E Robertson Granddaur 5 mths        
Lower Banks James Low   Head 84 W Joiner    
  Mary Corsie (See) Daur 46 W   Low   
Hullion David Gibson Head 56 M Farmer    
  Annie Gibson Wife 52 M   Sinclair  
  James Gibson Son 29 U      
  John Gibson Son 25 U Joiner   Walls & Flotta
  Annie Gibson Daur 19 U     Walls & Flotta
  Ida Gibson Daur 15 U     Walls & Flotta
  David Omand Boarder 21 U Teacher   Stromness
  Louise Reid Servant 24 U Domestic Service    
  Jemima Craigie Servant 14 U Domestic Service    
Old School Margaret Robertson Head 78 W Own Means    
Post Office John Craigie Head 47 M Postmaster    
  Mary Craigie Wife 52 M   Sinclair  
  Isabella Craigie Daur 20 U PO Clerk    
  Anna Craigie Daur 18 U PO Clerk    
  John Craigie Son 16 U PO Messenger    
Newhouse Hugh Sinclair Head 46 M Farmer    
  Margaret Sinclair Wife 42 M   Mackinlay  
  Hugh Sinclair Son 18 U      
  John Sinclair Son 13        
  Harry Sinclair Son 11        
  Robert Sinclair Son 8        
  Mary Ann Sinclair Daur 4        
Laro John Craigie Head 36 M Master Mariner    
  Elizabeth Craigie Wife 32 M   Reid  
  Lizzie Craigie Daur 12        
  Martha IM Craigie Daur 10        
  John Craigie Son 8        
  Ann G Craigie Daur 6        
  David IG Craigie Son 1        
  William Craigie Father 80 W Ret Shoemaker     
Mount Pleasant John Mainland Head 37 M Seaman    
  Betsy Mainland Wife 34 M   Mainland  
  George W Mainland Son 3        
  John Mainland Son 1        
Mount Pleasant John Mainland Head 83 M Ret Carpenter    
  Lydia Mainland Wife 72 M   Mowat  
No 1 Frotoft James Johnston Head 60 M Farmer    
  Isabella Johnston Wife 50 M   Corsie  
  Isabella Johnston Daur 31 U Domestic Work    
  Agnes E Johnston Daur 8        
  Ann Corsie Mother in Law 84 W   Sinclair  
No 2 Frotoft David Johnston (See) Head 44 M Farmer    
  Fanny Johnston Wife 51 M     Thurso
No 3 Frotoft James Craigie Head 76 M Farmer    
  Isabella Craigie Wife 55 M   Kirkness  
  John Craigie Son 24 M      
  Annabella Craigie Daur in Law 26 M   Scarth  
  James Craigie Grandson 1        
No 4 Frotoft John Shearer Head 36 M Farmer & Tailor    
  Lydia Shearer Wife 33 M   Marwick  
  John Shearer Son 12       Kirkwall
  William Shearer Son 10        
  Robert Shearer Son 8        
  Eva Shearer Daur 6        
  James Shearer Son 3        
  David Shearer Son 1        
No 5 Frotoft Robert Graham Head 24 M Farmer   Edinburgh
  Maggie J Graham Wife 22 M   Craigie  
  Maggie J Graham Daur 2        
No 6 Frotoft John Mainland Head 66 W Farmer    
  Lydia A Mainland Servant 27 U Domestic Servant    
No 7 Frotoft William Logie (See) Head 39 M Post Boatman    
  Isabella Logie Wife 29 M   Robertson  
  William Logie Son 5        
No 8 Frotoft Margaret Mainland Head 79 W   Sinclair  
  Sarah Reid Daur 50 W   Mainland  
  George Reid Grandson 20 U      
  Anna G Reid Granddaur 16 U      
  Mary Reid Granddaur 13        
Crusday Donald B Mackay Head 38 M Post Runner   Rendall
  Mary R Mackay Wife 28 M   Mainland  
Mid Crusday James Harrold Head 80 M Farmer & Mason   Rendall
  Margaret Harrold Wife 82 M   Mainland  
  James Harrold Grandson 19 U App Joiner    
Castlehill Margaret Corsie Head 37 W Dressmaker    
Castlehill John Low Head 66 U Ret Shoemaker    
Crowday Jannet Marwick (See) Head 77 U Own Means    
Hunclet James Robertson Head 65 M Farmer    
  Jane Robertson Wife 57 M   Marwick  
  Isabella Robertson Daur 31 U Domestic Servant    
  Mary Robertson Daur 28 U Dressmaker    
  Lydia A Robertson Daur 15 U      
  William Robertson Brother 63 U Farm Servant.    
Nears Robert Mainland (See) Head 55 M Farmer    
  Margaret Mainland Wife 47 M   Baikie Birsay
  Isabella Marwick Servant 19 U Domestic Servant    
  Malcolm Leonard Servant 30 U Farm Servant    
  John Shearer Servant 13   Farm Servant   Stronsay
Truml'd Stables John Cutt Head 40 M Gardener   Orphir
  Mary Cutt  (See) Wife 38 M   Craigie  
Trumland Cott James W Shearer Head 25 M Ploughman   Stronsay
  Elizabeth Shearer Wife 35 M      
Trumland Farm Hamilton H Horne Head 26 M Farmer   Stronsay
  Bessie Horne Wife 30 M   Marwick NZ
  Margaret Louttit Servant 24 U Domestic Servant    
  Donald Robson Servant 16 U Farm Servant   Orphir
  James Inkster Servant 24 U Farm Servant    
Old Mill John Shearer Head 42 M Ploughman   Stronsay
  Cathrine Shearer Wife 39 M     Sandwick
  Cathrine Shearer Daur 16 U Domestic Servant   Stronsay
  Janet Shearer Daur 9       Stronsay
  Eliza Shearer Daur 7       Stronsay
  Peter Shearer Son 5       Stronsay
  William Shearer Son 2       Sanday
  Violet Shearer Daur 2 wks        
Myres Allan C Gibson Head 37 M Farmer    
  Jane Agnes Gibson Wife 24 M   Sinclair Evie
  Hugh I Gibson Son 6 mths        
  Robert Sinclair Servant 14   Farm Servant   Westray
Myres Betsy Logie Head 80 U Ret Agri Labourer    
Breck Craigie Marwick Head 55 M Crofter    
  Ann Marwick Wife 54 M   Mowat Evie
  Jessie Mowat Servant 21 U Domestic Servant    
Hurtiso John Scott Head   M Farmer   Sanday
  Ann C Scott Wife   M     Kirkwall
  John Scott Son   U     Sanday
  William Scott Son   U     Sanday
  Annie Scott Daur   U     Sanday
  Jeannie Scott Daur   U     Sanday
  David Scott Son   U Miller   Sanday
  Fred  Scott Son         Sanday
Guidal Isaac Marwick Head 89 W Ret Shoemaker    
  Hugh Marwick Son 60 M Carpenter    
  Lydia Marwick Daur in Law 58 M   Gibson  
Nethermill Margaret Grieve Head 82 W   Harrold  
  William Grieve Son 45 U Fisherman    
  Alexander Grieve Son 43 U Fisherman & Weaver    
Banks Robert Seatter Head 45 M Farmer   Westray
  Sibella Seatter Wife 40 M     Westray
  John Seatter Son 16 U     Westray
  Ellen Seatter Daur 13       Westray
  Robert Seatter Son 11       Westray
  Marion Seatter Daur 9       Westray
  Bella Seatter Daur 5        
  Edward Seatter Son 3        
Old School Alexander Munro Head 59 M Farmer   Bower
  Christina Munro Wife 50 M     Bower
  Malcolmina Munro Daur 22 U      
  Agnes Munro (See) Daur 20 U      
  George M Munro Son 18 U      
  Hugh Munro Son 14        
  David W Munro Son 13        
  Mary Ann Munro Daur 11        
  Albert E Munro Son 8        
Sourin School Louis McLeod Head 32 M Teacher   Lochs, Ross
  Emily McLeod Wife 30 M     England
  Emily Mc|Leod Daur 4 mths        
Braes Ann Yorston Head 79 U See A778    
Braes James Craigie (See) Head 76 M Crofter    
  Betsy Craigie Wife 72 M   Mowat  
Finyoe Malcolm Grieve Head 70 M Own Means    
  Fanny Grieve Wife 61 M   Costie  
Gorehouse James Mainland Head 81 M Crofter    
  Jane Mainland Wife 74 M   Gibson  
 Gorehouse James Mainland Head 47 M Crofter    
  Mary Mainland Wife 40 M   Louttit  
  Ellen Craigie Niece 4        
Knarstane John Gibson Head 68 M Crofter    
  Jane Gibson Wife 63 M   Mainland  
  Isabella Gibson Daur 33 U      
  Mary Jane Gibson Daur 31 U      
  John G Marwick Grandson 15   Farm Servant    
  David Gibson Grandson 5        
Knarstane Simpson Skethaway Head 77 W Farmer   Stronsay
  Lydia Skethaway Daur 47 U      
  John Corsie Son in Law 34 M      
  Margaret J Corsie Daur 32 M   Skethaway  
  Agnes P Corsie Granddaur 14        
  Janet G Corsie Granddaur 10        
  Ann L Corsie Granddaur 7        
  William S Corsie Grandson 5        
  Thomas Corsie Grandson 4        
  Elizabeth R Corsie Granddaur 2        
  Malcolmina C Corsie Granddaur 9 mths        
Estab Ch Manse Alexander Spark Head 56 M Minister   Montrose
  Jane I Spark Wife 45 M     Linlithgow
  Veira Licklet Spark Daur 14        
  Arch G Spark Son 12       Kirkwall
  Edith AA Spark Daur 11        
  Murray AM Spark Son 5        
  Jane Simpson Servant 29 U Domestic Servant    S Ronaldsay
The Glebe James Craigie Head 30 M Farmer    
  Helen  Craigie Wife 30 M   Louttit  
  James Craigie Son 8        
  William Craigie Son 2        
  Sarah Tulloch Servant 19   Domestic Servant   N Ronaldsay
Cruar William Craigie Head 60 M Crofter    
  Ann Craigie Wife 61 M  


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